Events / Women's Workshop: Learn It Give It
November 10-11, 2023

Women's Workshop: Learn It Give It

Time10th: 6-9pm | 11th: 8:30am-12:30pm

The Learn it Give it Workshop is designed to further equip women to learn the Bible
and speak the truth of Bible to others. A keynote exposition encourages us from the
Scriptures as we begin, laying foundation for the event. Then, the majority of the time
is spent in break out classes, providing interactive equipping in either learning or
communicating the Bible.
The first track, "Learn It," focuses on Bible interpretation and is best for those who are
learning to study the Bible or learning to teach others to do the same. We review the
story of the Bible, basics of genre, and a framework for interpretive questions. The
second track, "Give It," expects more experience in the Bible and offers tools of Bible
interpretation within the context of discipleship, evangelism, and teaching. Each of
these break out sessions will include small group time, Q&A, and other types of
interaction to assist in comprehension and application.

o The Story of the Bible
o The Genres of the Bible
o The Questions for the Bible

Track 2- Give It
o Discipleship and the Bible
o Evangelism and the Bible
o Teaching the Bible

The teaching team will be women teachers, most of whom taught for The Gospel Coalition's Women's Training Network. These women are experienced in teaching and serving in ministry at their local churches. The women attend will be able to learn from a variety of several gifted women over the course of the event.
This workshop will be open to women all across the valley and will happen at Redeemer Church. All are welcome to attend.

Regular $60 | Early Bird (before 13th of October) $45 | College: $30 (email

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