Our Mission

We exist to glorify God by making disciples who follow Jesus Christ for the joy of all people.

2030 Vision

We are a church growing in the grace of the gospel, discipling others across every age and stage of life. We want to be known for humble orthodoxy, evangelical partnerships, prophetic witness, and gospel-centered focus.

We hold fast to Scripture, which is faithfully taught and rigorously studied within our community. We do not shy away from theological depth and are a safe place for skeptics and seekers to ask questions. We are well-known not just for theological convictions but for seeking mercy and justice, and are advocates for the broken, marginalized, and oppressed.

We value community that portrays how the gospel impacts relationships. Our church makes spiritual and relational commitments to each other that are taken seriously. As community, we pray corporately, in small groups, as families and individuals, expressing our dependence and need for God.

We are passionate about equipping and sending disciples into homes, the workplace, schools, and the nations. We purposefully equip future leaders and missionaries for service domestically and globally.

We are a place where wounded church leaders can safely come and be made whole again. In our generosity, we provide resources locally and globally for the cause of Christ.

Our legacy is about the kingdom of God in Bozeman and beyond for generations to come.

The Gospel Changes Everything

The Gospel message shapes our community and compels us out on mission.

Our Priorities

We purposefully shape our strategy and express our values in specific ways.