We live in a fallen world and there are times when we need support and help to grow and heal. If you are in a difficult season of life and are seeking to grow in your understanding of God and your own story, we have a number of ways we offer help to bring you to wholeness in Christ.

Care and Counseling

We offer care in a number of ways as we seek to grow disciples. If you are in need of care, we have a number of ministries that can come alongside you and offer care and help. We also have relationships with a number of professional counselors in the area and can connect you with them as you seek to grow and heal. Let us know how we can help you

Redeemer Diaconate

Deacons lead many of the mercy and physical need ministries at Redeemer. If you have a physical or financial need, our deacons seek to help you in the midst of your difficult circumstances.

Gospel-Saturated Marriages

Marriage is a picture of the connection between Christ and His Church and we seek to have marriages that are saturated with the grace and mercy that Christ offers to us. We offer a number of pathways to help you grow your marriage and experience healing in broken places.