Marriage is one of the gifts God gave to humanity. It is not only a picture of Christ and His church, but it is also one of the places where the Holy Spirit refines our lives and leads us to greater Christ-likeness. Therefore, how we live together in marriage is important.

At Redeemer, we want to help married couples in all stages of their marriage - whether you are newly married or long-term veterans.

We hope to have marriages where husbands and wives grow in their love for Christ, for each other, and learn what it means to forgive one another as they walk through the complexities of life. It is our desire that we can help marriages before the problems become crises

We have a number of ways to grow your marriage:

  • Mentors
    We have mentors who are willing to meet with you to whether your marriage is struggling or in need of a tune up
  • Counseling
    We have connections with various counselors who are able to help you in the midst of marital struggles and crises as we seek to see the Lord redeem the broken places
  • Conferences
    We periodically host marriage conferences to give us tools and time to reflect on our marriages.