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Describe your faith in Jesus Christ. Tell us how you became a Christian and your journey into full time ministry.:*
What role has discipleship played in your life and how have you experienced personal discipleship continue into your current situation?*
What is it about the opportunity at Redeemer that is leading you to apply for this position?*
What are two or three of your core strengths? Please share two or three examples of how you used your strengths to innovate, revitalize, or elevate a ministry you have led.:*
What would others describe as your weaknesses?*
What are the key factors that you believe should be present in your next church and ministry in order for you to be most effective?*
In your mind, what are the key responsibilities of a Pastor of Discipleship? Describe your fit, experience, and passion around these responsibilities.:*
How do you understand the process of Christian Discipleship and how do you see your personal philosophy supporting and leading E-Free’s efforts in making disciples?*
Give examples of how you have accomplished tasks by delegating them to others, through direct reporting, or committees.:*
Identify the major theological tenets of your theological orientation and describe the depth of your commitment to those tenets.:*
Describe your relationship with your wife and children (if married, with kids).:*
Describe the relationship you would envision having with the congregation and staff.:*
What are the major problems that have been a frustration to you in your previous positions of ministry?*
Why are you seeking a change in your ministry position?*
Have you ever been accused or found guilty of abuse in a position of leadership in a church or elsewhere, whether it sexual, lording it over others, or using your position for personal gain?*
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