The Christian life is like a journey from your first steps throughout the rest of your life. Here at Redeemer, we see this journey take place along certain pathways we all traverse. These pathways start with placing our faith in Christ through lifelong service as part of a Christian community.

First Steps

The first step we all need is to be in right relationship to God. If you haven’t placed your faith in Jesus Christ, we would love to help you do so.

If you are already a Christian, your first steps are to get into a Christian community.

Join A Community

If you are a new believer, the best place to grow in your faith is within Christian community. Let us connect you to other believers.


Baptism is a visible sign of being a member of God’s kingdom Not only did Jesus command us all to be baptized, but it also unites us into community.


The local church is the gathered community of God’s people. While it would be easy to go from church to church, we believe that believers are called to join a particular community. To join a community is to become a member of the local church. If you would like to join Redeemer, sign up for our next membership class. The membership class is an orientation on the mission and vision of Redeemer.


Jesus was the ultimate servant. As we grow in our faith and become more like Him, we are called to serve others. There are many ways to serve within Redeemer - some examples would be Children’s ministry, hospitality, tech, and others. If you are interested in serving, fill out our form below and let us know where you’d be willing to serve.